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    Missing operating system Error



      My laptop was encrypted last month and last Saturday computer  froze while working.After reboot got "Missing Operating System" error.  BIOS shows 80GB hard drive. We ran diagnostic test for Hard drive using CD we received with Dell D630 and it was successful. Our Desktop technician used safeboot disc to recover data from hard drive. It prompts for ID file and after providing correct ID file, Drive shows 0 bytes.  We are pretty sure that data is on hard drive, but don't know how to recover it. Any help will be highly appreciated. We are struggling for last 3 days.





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          There's not much detail on your story to work on to be honest. You can try this out just to cross check your findings.


          I would assume you're talking about a desktop computer correct? have you ever tried to take out the hard disk in question, change the jumper settings to a 'slave' ...and connect that to another working desktop computer system -- as a slave hard disk of course. At least this point you can find out whether the extent of the encryption. Good luck.

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            Thanks for quick reply, It is Dell D630 laptop. Our Technician did slave hard drive to workstation, it show the drive, but 0 bytes. But how do i see the data if it is slaved.

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              to see the drive, you need to mount it with WinTech. It's encrypted remember, so you won't be able to see anything just by connecting it.

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                Thanks for quick reply.  Could you help me how to mount drive with wintech or link to documents.


                We used SafeTech boot and authorization code to access hard drive.

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                  First of all, you need a BartPE disk with the SafeTech for Windows application built in.


                  Whether is is called SafeBoot or Endpoint Encryption will differ based on your Version, so some of this verbage might not read precisely for you.


                  1. Attach a USB drive for Data Recovery if that is the desired backup location.
                  2. Boot to the BartPE CD and launch the ‘SafeTech for Windows’ application from the desktop icon or Start Menu.

                  3. When SafeTech for Windows is launched you will be prompted for the Authorization code. This code changes every day.

                  4. To Authenticate choose “Authenticate from SBFS” from the “SafeBoot” menu within the ‘SafeTech for Windows’ tool.
                  5. You can then authenticate using the user’s credentials as you would at boot.
                  6. Once you are ‘Authorized and Authenticated’ you can verify the status from the Information Bar at the bottom of the window:
                  7. Once Authorized and Authenticated you can minimize ‘SafeTech for Windows’ and use Windows Explorer or ‘A43 File Management Utility’  to browse the drive normally and copy your data to an alternate drive.


                  Hope this helps get you going at least.