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    Anyone run into resource issues with Lotus Notes 6.x & EEPC?

      Did a major rollout of EEPC to roughly 450 users.  Windows XP SP2, HP NC6930P's, EEPC 5.1.7.  About 30 of them have come with with issues relating to Lotus Notes.  When using the local replica of their mail database, the "To, CC, BCC, Subject" area is all blacked out.  Inside an email, they are unable to print, and the display gets terrible garbled as they alt+tab through applications.  They are frequently getting "Insufficient System Resource" dialog boxes from Notes (not from the OS) even though the CPU and HDD are relatively idle.  Standard troubleshooting performed (many reboots, delete temp files, check page file, etc).


      I pulled encryption from one of them and upgraded the other to 5.2.3.  The one without encryption is saying things are working 100% better now, and the upgraded user is still complaining of the same issues.  I'm going to pull encryption off of another machine to see if the issues go away.  If they do, I plan on opening a support request with McAfee to see what they come up with, but I thought I'd put it out to the community first.


      "Upgrade to Outlook" comments are welcome