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    Remove DefaultLanguage and DefaultKeyboard from Custom Theme?

      In the latest builds of EEPC 5x, McAfee has removed DefaultLanguage and DefaultKeyboard from the locale.ini in the language filesets so that when new filesets get applied, the keyboard isn't set to the last fileset downloaded (Go McAfee!).  It occured to me that the themes are still setting these two values however, and if they got reapplied due to updated filesets or if the theme was changed altogether, it would revert the destination machines back to the default language and keyboard in the theme.


      My first question is, am I mistaken in assuming this?


      My second question is, any harm to existing machines or new machines if I remove these two parameters from the locale.ini in my custom theme?  Since this value is set on installation outside of the theme, I assume everything will function in both scenarios, but curious if I'm overlooking anything.