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    Receiving error 1387 during setup of Agent Handler in 4.5


      I seem to be having an issue with user authentication when setting up my first agent handler in 4.5.  I'm installing the handler on a local server and it all seems to go well but after I look at the log file it shows that it failed to add the user to the epo group:


      "NetLocalGroupAddMembers [ePO User Group] [ePOservername\administrator] error 1387

      Failed to add user ePOservername\administrator to epo group."


      I put in the ePO admin credentials during the installation and had the "Use ePO Server's database credentials" box checked.  Is there something I'm missing?  Is it not authenticating properly to the SQL database even though I have the box checked?


      Both machines (ePO server and server with agent handler) are on the same domain and can see each other.