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    Limited Bandwidth


      Hi, I have a site that has limited bandwidth and is having problems with the incremental replications.  During the process it goes as far as 45% at 2 1/2 hours before it terminates.  Does anybody have a solution to get the site incremental replications updated?  I have changed the time of the task and hopefully see results soon.



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          what versions of virusscan are you using? If you are using 8.5 and above you can try pointing ePO to V2 dat site which could make the replication size a bit smaller.


          How many machines are located at this remote site?


          Is it worth having a repository at this site? Can you not just point the machines directory to the ePO server?

          Thats what I am doing, its not worth it trying to replicate over 100MB to a site when the machines can just download 100KB over the WAN instead.