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    Event ID 7035 and 7036 every 5 Minutes in the event log

      Dear all,


      every 5 minutes (the policy enforce intervall) an event id 7035 is logged on several ePO managed systems and states that "

      The McAfee McShield service was successfully sent a pause control."

      I could find some information on the McAfee KB that this issue should be solved in some earlier patches/hotfixes but I still

      got these entries in the event log eventhough I am using the most current patches/hotfixes for the McAfee products.

      In detail I am using ePO Version 4.5 with Patch 1 applied and VSE Version 8.7 with Patch 2 installed. Does anybody has the

      same issues with the current McAfee products? Thank you for all your feedback in advance.







      on 03.02.10 11:12:20 GMT+01:00