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    Product Feature Suggestions

      Hi big M ,


      I like the HIPS system, I like to be able to vet TCP/IP sessions to prevent apps from dialling out.


      One feature I have noticed on a few software firewalls is a "resolve" button near the destination IP address listing.

      This would do a reverse lookup on an IP address and possibly a whois to determine who and (where?) exactly this remote host is.


      This is a quick way to determine where some svchost.exe or NTOSKRNL.exe binary is talking to:


      error-reporting.Microsoft.com (updates, etc OK)

      dynamic3jds3dsllgr.BulletProof-MALwareHost.cn (DANGER WILL ROBINSON )


      Might be a useful feature to introduce? Maybe could be disabled by policy for corp lans without external DNS, etc