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    Hijacked...all programs down.

      I purchased my McAfee and Dell 3 mo ago. Recently it started acting weird. The task bar disapeared. Later the desktop icons appearance changed. Gradually more serious problems. Most programs wont open but by default opens the MSN Media Player Center only. The virus crippled McAfee. I tried online quick scans with no luck. I uninstalled my McAfee to prevent conflits as advised but made things worse. Do I reinstall with cd supplied...that would only be a trial download. Do I have to pay again for the sw. do i have to reinstall OS hopeing it rids the virus. I'm confused as to what steps to take to restore system. Do I have to go as far as refomatting hard drive. I am running Windows 7 on PC. The McAfee reinstall disk doesnt have a version no. on it but does have a activation code. It may not have been properly activated when I purchased the laptop. I need help...desperate.

      Thanks Ron.


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          Hi Ron,


          First of all can you download our general stinger tool please? Stinger has been designed to remove many types of malware which prevent anti-virurs software from running. For the first scan please click on 'preferences' before you run it, and ensure it's set to 'report only' mode, then change the drop down box near the bottom of the preferences page to 'very high'. Scan the machine, then when the scan has completed click on 'file' and then 'save report to file' - then post the report up here. We'll review it and then recommend some next steps. 


          If they stinger tool won't run on you machine try changing the name of the stinger.exe file to something.exe and then try to run it. This is because some malware will look for something called stinger.exe and try to stop it from running.


          Hope this helps,



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            Thanks Sam.  Should I reinstall McAfee before or after this procedure? Currantly it is uninstalled as directed by Microsoft "help".  I have back up disk with code. The SW on PC was not activated when I recieved new. I didnt know better. Will this "trial" version disc recognize me as a registered paid subscriber?  Thanks for your help...and quick responce. This problem has been dogging me for a week.