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    Program Permissions Grayed out from Deletion

      Before updating one of my computers to Windows 7 (from Vista 64 Ultimate to Win 7 64 Ultimate), I had no program permissions listed for programs that "no longer exist."  After update there were a few listed that were able to be removed.  Two program permissions remain where the program no longer exists that when you click on them have all of the options (including removing the premission) grayed out.  The two permissions are WINLOGON.EXE and SERVICES.EXE (both in the wow64 directory).  I have been using SC for years and never seen permissions that couldn't be deleted.  I have also upgraded a few other machines to Win 7 and these permissions did not remain.



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          McAfee Support has encountered problems that were created by either upgrading the operating system (for example, upgrading from Windows vista to Windows 7 ) or by using the Microsoft System Restore. McAfee recommends removing McAfee security products before proceeding with an operating system upgrade or using Microsoft System Restore, then reinstalling your McAfee product afterwards.

          If you have upgraded the operating system without first removing your McAfee Security products, run the removal tool and restart the computer and then reinstall your mcafee programs .


          Steps to uninstall & reinstall using the mcafee consumer products removal tool can be found here










          Dinesh K

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            I figured that would solve it, but I was still hoping to find out why an item would be grayed out.  I did remove and reinstall eliminating the problem since there was no other reason or solution provided.