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    Sqlservr.exe High CPU utilization Running Virusscan Enterprise 8.5.0i Patch8

      I am experiencing High CPU utilization running VSE 8.5.0i Patch 8. My server is running Windows 2003 SP2 Standard edition with SQL 2000 SP4 Server Enterprise Edition 8.00.2039. Running without VSE, the SQLservr.exe process is using 10% CPU. As soon as I start McShield service, I get the SQLservr.exe process using 60% CPU. The consequence is slow response time for client that are accessing the database. I made the test, excluding all local drives on the "OnAccess scanner" properties: I get the same result. I also try to upgrade VSE to 8.7.0i Patch2: Always the same issue.

      Did anybody know how to fix this issue ?