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      my son was browsing the internet when a warning came up that said my laptop had 27 infections which included spyware,worms,backdoor,adware and others with file names like ARD.EXE,  Bridgers.dll,  iscfiltr.dll,  and loads of others.I have McAfee total protection installed on my laptop so i scanned it and it said i didn't have any problems that needed fixing so can someone help me and tell me if this is a con that gets you to buy other security..My only problem i have with my laptop is whenever i try to put a downloaded film onto a disk it shuts itself off halfway through EVERY time i try and i have been told that this is a virus, PLEASE HELP!!! jomaria


          Hi Jomaria,


          The "warning" your son has got while browsing is most definitely one of FakeAlert family trojans. Well done for not downloading it.


          Sorry I can't help with the problem you have saving films on disk (do you have enough disk space?)




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            Thankyou for your help in this, jomaria

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              This happened once and I fell for it. It happened again recently and I knew not to click on it  but I really did not know how to avoid the persistent message I was receiving as I tried to close the window.  I just ended up shutting it down. 

              What is the best approach to get out of this window that is trying to fool you in to downloading this virus? 


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                Same thing with me once I did download it but this time I didnt and just shut down. It didn't matter because when i got back on it had locked my mcafee up...also my antispyware, my control panel, yahoo messenger. I even had to click on what program to open anything else I could get into. I tried to re-download everything but I just keep getting the response that the file was not found...very frustrating. What are we supposed to do about these things! I'm getting tired of paying for this to fixed all the time when I didn't even click it or anthing!!!!

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                  You can try to disable all startup items from Start>Run>MSCONFIG>Startup.