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    Fake Alert


      Hi Everyone...I posted something about this a few days ago and got no response, so maybe I posted in the wrong place or maybe nobody has an answer for me, but I thought I'd try one more time.  Several days ago I got hit with Fake Alert, Vundo, and a few others yet again.  I ran SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes and they cleaned up a lot.  Now, everything seems back to normal except that at some point after start up, anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes, I hear the short, one syllable windows sound as though something may have tried to start but failed.  That's just my guess because no boxes are popping up to give my any indication of what happened.  Nothing is showing up in the event log except for a red x in mcagent (it timed out trying to reach the server) but the time this shows in the event log doesn't match the time I hear the sound.  McAgent does start and run eventually because it's showing in the running processes and McAfee is being updated daily.  Malwarebytes, SAS and McAfee are all up to date, as are my Windows updates.  I'm running Windows XP MCE Service Pack 3.  I've been updating and running Malwarebytes and SAS daily, morning and night, sometimes just a quick scan rather than a full scan and except for this morning, the scans are coming up clean.  This morning I decided to run them both in safe mode and SAS detected another Trojan.Media-Codec file.  My question is,  if the Windows sound I'm hearing is indicative of malware trying, but failing, to start, am I safe as long as it has been disabled?  I'm only guessing, but I suspect that while something may have been cleaned to the point of being inactive, a remnant remains but the malware can't run. I know you can't guarantee me anything and you don't have a crystal ball to look through but I'm looking for an opinion.


      My MusicMatch Jukebox that came on this when I bought it has been corrupted for years and won't run or uninstall.  Since I don't use the program anyway I've just ignored it.  Sometimes it winds back up in the start up group and I get the Windows sound when it tries to load, but I also get a box telling me what happened.


      Thanks for your time in reading all of this.