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    McAfee & infected pdf's



      just a question....


      why does it take so much time for McAfee to add detection for infected pdf files?

      Compared with other AV vendors (especially Kaspersky and Avira) i see a very low detection rate on infected pdf's and a very slow reaction time for pdf analysis (webimmune).

      Reason im asking:

      I can block the download of executables at our proxy but blocking pdf's is not possible at all. So i would like to see much faster reaction on infected pdf's by McAfee.

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          Without looking further into your individual submissions I can't provide comment other than we do provide plenty of detection for both adobe vulnerabilities and for infected .pdf files.


          When you submit files to us do you also contact support to raise a service request? If you are not doing so I would strongly recommend that you do, as then support can escalate your submissions to McAfee Labs.





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            Marking as 'assumed answered' due to age of thread. If you need any further assistance please don't hesitate to let us know.