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    Why  does the McSvHost.exe take's up from 3%to 100% cpu useage?

      I have had this problem now since Monday of last week.McAfee 'updated' then as usuall but i had noticed some video playback'hangup/slowdown' at times. I checked the 'task manager' and it was showing this'exe' program bouncing from 3% to 100% cpu useage.I can shut this exe off and McAfee works just fine.

      Seems that i cant run or install the 'McAfee Virtual technician' keeps looking for the file on a'network rescource' and i have no clue why. So what do need to do to fix this problem?

      I am running windows XP,and it wasnt that long ago i'reinstalled' this product.I cant seems to find the'about' with this version to find what actual numbers are for what part of the program.

      Thank you for any help.