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    Citrix, McAfee VSE 8.7 Problems


      I have some newly deployed Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 servers running VSE 8.7i Patch2 with HotFix HF517265.


      These are the only 4 of 30 Citrix Servers that have 8.7i installed.


      All of the other servers have 8.5i installed.


      The servers reboot every morning.


      The users start hitting them heavy (< 40 sessions) at 8:00AM


      By 9 or 10 I notice that I cannot pull up task manager. I get the little green tray icon for Taskmgr.exe but the gui won't launch.


      I can launch Terminal Services Manager but no sessions are displayed.


      I can run tasklist from a command prompt and I don't see anything unusual.


      The system seems responsive other thatn that but when a user logs into the Citrix Server through our Secure Gateway it will hang indefinately on the "Running Logon Scripts"


      I don't have any of these issues on the servers running VSE 8.5i


      The exclusions are the same.


      I exclude the %windir%\system32\spool dir and all sub dir.


      I exclude all of the Windows Update folders per microsoft.


      If I remove VSE 8.7 and install 8.5 the issue goes away.


      That is obviously not a long term solution.


      I hope someone may have some idea what's going on here.





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