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    Slowly on startup windows




      (sorry for my language i am french)


      On somes computers of my domain, i have a problem with a slowly start .


      when the windows "press CTRL+ALT+DEL" i type the password, press OK


      and the computers stay a long time ( 2 minutes too  5 minutes) on "ACTIVITION OF PAREMETERS of the computers"


      when i loggin in the local administror, NO problem, but with an user on the domain..its slowly.


      with no VSE 8.5 or 8.7 on the domain all it's OK !


      (this problem appears with old or new computers, and my chief think it's VSE 8.7 or VSE8.5)


      config of my computers :


      pentium4 2.4ghz  1 go       or             dual core 1,8ghz  2go or 4go

      VSE 8.5 or 8.7

      agent epo

      epo 4.0 build 1221

      active directory windows 2003 server




      have you an idea ?


      thank you


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          i read the forum and i see "STOP the NLA service windows"


          i stop and desactivate this service, but at the first start ...its OK 15 sec


          but at the seconde start ..2 minutes 30 sec ...(and the service is not started , it's desactive)



          the computer or the user have ANY GPO in active directory (default strategie of a new AD)


          can you help me


          thank you

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            Make sure you are using the latest available VSE 8.7i installation package (which includes Patch 2).


            Slow startup issues could have numerous causes. It would be best to work through the issue with your McAfee Support persons.