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    computers slowly on the start windows




      (sorry for my language i am french)


      On somes computers of my domain, i have a problem with a slowly start .


      when the windows "press CTRL+ALT+DEL" i type the password, press OK


      and the computers stay a long time ( 2 minutes too  5 minutes) on "ACTIVITION OF PAREMETERS of the computers"


      when i loggin in the local administror, NO problem, but with an user on the domain..its slowly.


      with no VSE 8.5 or 8.7 on the domain all it's OK !


      (this problem appears with old or new computers, and my chief think it's VSE 8.7 or VSE8.5)


      config of my computers :


      pentium4 2.4ghz  1 go       or             dual core 1,8ghz  2go or 4go

      VSE 8.5 or 8.7

      agent epo

      epo 4.0 build 1221

      active directory windows 2003 server




      have you an idea ?


      thank you