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    Turning off McAfee

      How do I temporary turn off McAfee?

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          Which product are you referring to, and for what purpose are you looking to disable it?



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            I am trying to download a printer driver from the Internet and it has been suggested that I  temporary turn off my virus program which may solve my problem.  I have the McAfee Security Center.  A co-worker had a similar problem loading a program and when he turned off his virus program he was able to load the program with no problem.  So how do you temporary disable the whole McAfee program?



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              Peter M

              Double-click the taskbar icon to open SecurityCenter

              Click Advanced Menu (bottom)

              Click Configure (left)

              Click Computer & Files (top left)

              You can turn VirusScan off in the right-hand windows and tell it for how long.


              Click Internet & Network (top left) to do the same with Firewall (not recommended).



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