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    Help...computer won't boot up

      The other day I started getting that popup that looks like windows popup saying that my compute was at risk. I tried to run Malwarebytes as that has fixed the issue in the past. Well this time I couldn't get it to open. I ran a full McAfee scan to see if that would fix the issue. Well it ran and found 3 things and tld me in order to remove one of them which said it was a trojan and that I had to restart my computer. Well I restarted it and it started to boot up and got to the point where it would start to populate the icons and then went to the login screen. I clicked on my icon to login (which is the only login) and it started to boot again and then did the same thing. I then tried to start the computer in Safe Mode and everytime I do that it comes up saying that there was an error trying to boot up in Safe Mode.


      Does anyone have any idea what this is or how it can be fixed????

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