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    Constant scanning.

      I have internet securtiy 2010, which works fine but I have this file (Texmod.exe) which is only 584kb. When I open the folder the file is located in, Mcshield.exe and mcods.exe (McAfee) start going nuts and the memory usage for each of them are 100,000 K+ each sometime nearly reaching 200,000 K effectively freezing the computer. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, I have used this file before I had McAfee and it worked fine.


      Is there a way that I can stop it from scanning that safe file? Don't suggest disabling McAfee for a while cause I still see it actively running, the only option I see is uninstaling it.

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          Not at the moment we have been trying to get Mcafee to add in file exclusions for years and recently pushed this addition to 1 of the beta managers to see if we can get it added in a patch.  Mcafee and zip files suck bad when it trys to scan them. What size is it?


          I would move it off the PC to an usb stick maybe till we get an exclusion added. Of course you are sure there is no issue with the file?



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            Yes I am sure, I have had the file when I had BitDefender, AVG and System Mechanic and had no problems. When I downloaded the zip, McAfee didn't do anything, but as soon as I unzipped 579KB it took a minute or two to extract the file.


            I made a .bat file with

            TASKKILL /F /IM Mcshield.exe
            TASKKILL /F /IM mcods.exe

            As soon as I ran it the computer was fine, folder opened fine, the file ran straight away there was no problems whatsoever.



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