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    Trying to Exclude a File from Being Scanned


      I'm lost and I hope someone can help.  I thought this was a simple process but no matter what I've tried thus far I can't seem to convience McAfee OAS not to scan a file.  The file in question is on one of our file servers and it is source code for an application.  The file extension is (exe).  I have modified the OAS properties on the server and specified the exe as a "Low Risk Process" and also went to the Exclusions tab on OAS, clicked Exclusions, and added the file path to file in question.  I have EPO setup to send me notifications whenever a "Virus Detected, and not removed" event is received.  This is more of a nuisance than anything else, but I'd really like to figure this out.  Here is what my alert reports;


      Rule Defined At: Directory

      Rule Group At: My Organization

      Description: Notifications sends an e-mail message when "Virus Detected and Not Removed" events are received.


      Number of events: 1

      Affected Systems Names: XXXXXXXX

      Source computer IP addresses: Not Available


      Actual threat names: New Malware.cn


      Actual products: VirusScan


      Affected Objects: D:\Software\Server\SosApps\SOSKB\SourceCode\Dev\SOSKB\Release 14.3\Net\KB\Services\KBPrintServer\bin\abcpdf2.exe



      For additional information, see the Notification Log in the ePolicy Orchestrator console.