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    system guards question

      Have I got something set wrong in McAfee?


      We always buy the disk and install it. Just installed AntiVirus Plus 2010. The "about" in lower corner shows that I have Security Center 9.15 Bld 9.15.160; VirusScan 13.15  Bld 13.15.113. The problem is that sometimes when I use Print Preview in IE7, I get a McAfee warning about change to win ini file.


      I am forced to allow or block it.  I haven't a clue what to do, I blocked one that I found out later was Process desc. Spooler Subsystem App - Process publisher: Microsoft Corp.  I guess that was about my printer. But blocking didn't stop the printer from working. What does Block do?


      Why am I getting these messages? Are they Virus or Trojans that I'm allowing or blocking?


      I am using Windows XP service pack 3. Dell computer.


      I'm floundering.

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          Hi hopeless 1,It is kind off tough to figure out if your an average user,like myself.If you open your security center &click on computer and files and configure on the bottom right side you will see system gaurds advanced.It should be the 3rd 1 down.If you click on that you can change how you want the gaurds to work.Most of mine were set to log only.Which is the part i am not 100 percent about.If they are all set to alert and log,you will get alot of pop ups.I could`nt tell you which ones should be set to alert,but maybe someone else with more experiance and understanding can answer that question.If you know how you want them set,then that`s where to go.Unfortunatly there is no restore to default for these items.

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            Thanks NewJack

            In the windows system guard there are more log / alerts checked than any other of the other guards.  In the recent events I see several "systemguards have allowed a one time change to your computer" and the brief explanation shows that this time it is Microsoft Word.


            Why does that make a change to my computer?  I don't save anything I do in "Word".



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