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    Can't "Scan Now"

      I have SecuruityCenter 9.15

      I purchased a 1 year license and have 6 months remaining...

      When I click on Scan, I do not see the Scan Now button... also, I am unable to update my scheduled scan...

      Has anyone any idea what could be wrong..

      David Priest



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          Can you please calrify and follow the steps suggested below

          How long have you been facing the issue?
          Did you update your Windows recently?
          Have you made any recent changes to the computer (eg: system restore)?
          Are you getting any alerts related to virus on your computer recently?
          What is the version of Operating Sytem you use?




          Try to update the windows (Open IE- click on Tools option – click Windows update- make sure with update all the critical windows update) and then try to click on scan button.


          If we have any other security software installed in the system. Kindly remove it and try to scan the computer with McAfee.

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            Thanx Bala,

            six months ago I initially set McAffee to do a scheduled weekly overnight scan, I have never had cause to go back and check it, It regularly scans and updates without problems.

            My Windows is set to do automatic daily updates.

            I have not made any recent changes or done a System Restore.

            I have not received any virus alerts, my weekly scheduled scans never find any viruses. I never visit unsafe sites or open suspicious emails.

            I am using Windows Vista.

            I have checked for Windows update on IE, It is uptodate, no updates to install.

            There is no other Security Software installed.

            When I click on SecurityCenter Home, I see the green tick, Yes I am protected. I then click on Scan, the right hand section with the green tick refreshes, but it is unchanged, I am unable to start a new scan.


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              Please try the following steps:

              1. Click Start, Run, type cmd, and click OK.
              2. Right click on command prompt and select Run as Adminstrator, in the command promprt wondow type each command below, then press ENTER after each one  .

              3. regsvr32 scrrun.dll and press enter
                regsvr32 jscript.dll and press enter
                regsvr32 vbscript.dll
                and press enter



              After the commands are typed , restart the computer and click scan in security center







              Dinesh K

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                Thanx Dinesh,

                I am struggling.

                Step 1 is fine, it opens a new window and I am at the command prompt C:\

                Step 2 If I right click on the window, I do not have the option to "Run as Administratior"

                If I then go on to step 3, I get:-


                'regsrv32scrun.dll' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

                I am running Windows Vista.




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                  Hi DPriest,

                  As you are using Windows vista , Click Start - Click all programs - accessories - from here, Right click on command prompt and click run as adminisrator and follow the prompt in the my previous post.








                  Dinesh K

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                    Many thanx... it now shows the correct menu screen with

                    Quick Scan

                    Full Scan

                    Let me choose...

                    Thanx again