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    Task check


      We have made a weekly on-demand scan to run on all the PCs.

      How can I make a query or get a result, which computers did not run the task.

      We have asked our employes to leave the PC on every wensday and we would like to see on which computers the task did not run too see, if the users forgot to leave the PC on or did sth else happened.


      Please help!

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          I think it's imposible(or maybe i didn't know ). You just can show agent log on some Client (from ePO server) to know Tasks was run or Not. Hope Community McAfee will consider this issue in next version

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            A guy named SERC09 replied 2 me on other post, but because I didn't get any new answers for the past days I opened a new thread.


            His answer was:


            When the scan is started at 1500 you can run a server task running a query at 1515 sending you the result via email.


            Set up the query to filter ID 1202 (to filter the PCs started the task) and the time the event was generated to be in the last 20 minutes. The query has to be in form of a table the be run by a server task.


            Hope that helped you - if not i can go into detail.




            The problem is I do not know how to make that query filter 1202. Where to put filter 1202 in EPO 4.5?


            If I a go under MENU - AUTOMATION - SERVER TASK - creatin a new task - (window 1. actions RUN QUERY); under query windows, there is a button (...) and if I click on it, I recieve some kind of drop down menu, but there is no filter 1202 to select.


            plz help,


            with best regards

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              How is your weekly scan started, by policy or task?

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                by task

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                  Hi Bostianc, i think this article you need http://community.mcafee.com/thread/18616 Hope this will help you!

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                    Hey bostjanc,


                    i'm sorry for late answer, but i had only little time and other problems to solve.


                    And i'm also sorry to tell you that it is actually not possible to check if a task was run on all systems, and it does't work as i espected in the other post weeks ago, i tried it.


                    But in the thread smalldog posted, there is the solution how i firgured it out.





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                      Hi Serc!


                      I guess I will try this solution (copied on the bottom of this post):


                      I have one question before setting up this solution. I see under number 1, that you need to make a Scan completed tag. Well I am rather being cautious before doing anything, because I did manually tags for all the servers and computers in our System Tree. Is it possible that this steps would replace all my tags which I have manually made for my computers and servers? I don't want to loose the hole settings.


                      With best regards, Bostjan


                      Re: Check if task was successful

                      Currently we do not have a default report that you can run to determine the success/failure of a VSE ODS. This would be a good Feature Modification request if you would like to submit one. In the meantime thier is a way you create such a report:

                      1.  Create a "Scan Completed" tag.
                      2.  Create a report to pull a list of all managed systems.
                      3.  Create a report to pull all 1203 events within the past <however often the ODS scan runs>.
                      4.  Create a server automation task.
                              a.  Have the task run the query from number 2 to pull all systems and clear the "Scan Completed" tag.
                              b.  Have the task run the query from number 3 to pull the 1203 events and apply the "Scan Completed" tag to all systems returned.
                              b.  Schedule the task run after each on demand scan.
                      5.  Create a boolean chart report that shows machines with the "Scan Completed" tag as compliant, and all other machines as non-compliant.


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                        No, the tags you applied manually will not be replaced/deleted, the server/client will just get another tag.







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                          thanks for answer.


                          do you maybe have, googletalk, skype, msn or anything? fb?

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