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    Trojan SMP LX problems

      Recently i got the Trojan SMP LX virus/spyware on my computer. I downloaded malwarebytes off malwarebytes.org and it was able to find 37 infected files, whereas my McAfee scan resulted in just three. After deleting the infected files, my computer will not login. Accoring to the following thread: http://community.mcafee.com/thread/7180 i could have possibly damaged or deleted the USERINIT.exe or the registry entry has been modified.


      I downloaded and burned the BOOTCD on another computer, but the infected computer is a notebook and doesnt have a CD drive. Is my only solution to buy an external CD drive and try the BOOTCD that way?


      Again, i am unable to start windows in safe mode and when i try to login my account it says "logging again" then "logging off, saving user information." I have read and re-read the posts on the thread about this problem and im stuck.

      Please, please help. I'd really appreciate it!