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    Incorrect agent log coming up on epo console

      Hello everyone, running epo v4.0 Patch 4, vse 8.7 patch 1, 42K clients.  I am investigating client pc's that have not checked into the epo for over 10 days and have noticed something odd.


      when i look at the details of one of these pc's & then choose to open the agent log sometimes the log that appears has another pc's name on it! I am wondering if this is because epo is using the ip address shown on the client pc's properties screen which may have been released and picked up by another pc.


      When the agent log comes up with the wrong pc name in it I then ping the original client pc to get its ip and then i key that into the address bar and sometimes it brings up the correct log & sometimes not.


      Has anyone else experienced this?




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          your guess is exactly right - it is using the last IP it received from the client.  If you are able to do a wakeup first to receive the correct IP then it should work afterwards...



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            Thanks Andy, yessir that's the issue, a wakeup doesnt work so i cannot get the correct ip. When i do a ping and do get the correct ip and place it into the address bar of the agent log it still comes up with the incorrect log. So i need to probably call the local IT guy and get some info & then try it again.




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              ok - I'm not 100% sure but ePO 4.0 may only be using recorded IP.  It sounds like your DNS isn't being updated correctly either though if you still get the wrong log after pinging the IP and using that to access the log.  I know that ePO 4.5 tries stored IP, DNS resolution, and then netbios which can work better for wakeups...



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                Thanks Andy, I will do some investigating tomorrow maybe with the local guy & see if i can figure out how to nail this down.



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                  Attila Polinger



                  you must be having the duplicate AgentGUID issue with those hosts. Interestingly, ePO 4 Patch 5 introduced the monitoring of client sequence numbers and added support in the database. From then on, ePO reject clients with invalid sequence numbers.


                  Because you still have Patch 4, it does not happen and therefore ePO accepts both clients to the same node record, and they like ping-pong, report different host properties upon each ASCIs.


                  You must have tried querying the agent og when the other system has filed the properties to the node record, so ePO gave you the wrong client's agent log. If you knew the good system ASCI period, you could query the agent log, when the good system fills the node record with its host properties and god IP.


                  this is my bet.


                  Please install Patch5 or even Patch 6, which is out, and you will have (with Patch 6) reports for invalid sequence numbers and can identify those clients that are rejected by ePO and make AgentGUID corrections thereon.


                  Hope this helps.