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    Bogus McAfee popup?

      I have AT&T internet with McAfee Security Center. Recently one of those fake anti virus programs got past the McAfee firewall on my son's system, and I had to wipe and restore his system. I redownloaded and installed the McAfee Security center from AT&T on his computer, and twice now he has gotten the attached popup when browsing Facebook. Is this a new thing or one of those fake scans?

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          Three weeks and no answer, do the tech reps from McAfee read these forums? Should be a simple yes or no, is this some new McAfee "feature" or is it bogus?

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            Peter M

            This is a group for discussion about email and web security in general not to get rid of malware.  You should be posting here: http://community.mcafee.com/community/security/malware_discussion/consumer


            Sorry but I can't move your post from here as I don't have authority.  You might want to use a Google search also for infection by name if you have it.

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              Peter M

              A second thought...that pop-up is not bogus - it is an online security check that installs a small file from McAfee.  It should be uninstallable via Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs (XP) or Programs/Uninstall a Program (Vista or Windows 7).  Look for McAfee Security Scan Plus and uninstall it.


              Next time you install or update Adobe Reader make sure the option for a McAfee Security Scan is not checked as shown below (click to enlarge):





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                Thanks, being new to this forum I wasn't sure where the query should go. That IS the answer I was looking for, now I know where it came from and it IS legit. FYI;




                Others are having problems with McAfee letting viruses come in and take over, what I can't figure out is how McAfee allows these things to disable it.

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                  Peter M

                  I'm afraid switching A/V is a real gamble because none are 100% guaranteed to stop everything in its tracks.  However they do stop the majority and McAfee's relatively new heuristic detection engine often detects unknown before they are widely known.


                  It's wise to keep one or two antispyware applications at hand and updated just in case, in addtion to an A/V and good firewall and surf carefully and wisely.  Oh, and keep Windows totally up to date as well as all installed software/hardware..


                  I see the last poster there recommend s Foxit reader for .pdf's.  Haven't tried it myself, but Adobe is fine as long as one keeps it updated.



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