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    Weird PC issues solved by Emergency Boot: Why?

      I had a user who was reporting all sorts of weird issues: could not see the network, could not browse folders, etc. Several reboots later, issues remained. On a subsequent reboot, no user could login to EE. Out comes SafeTech and I perform an emergency boot. Miraculous things happen: All Windows-side weirdness goes away and of course user can log back into to EE. The world is a happy place.


      The question is why? I am assuming the EE client was hobbled in some way and that was causing network communication issues, cleared up by the emergency boot. But my explaination to the higher-ups is expected to be much more technical than that. Having already sat on the phone waiting 10 minutes for a McAfee tech to answer, I decided to try my luck here.


      Any insight is appreciated.