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    Changing the Safeboot Server IP Address



      Apologies if this has been covered before, but nothing relevant came up in a search.


      I need to change the static IP address of my Safeboot 5,1,5 server.


      When I look at the sync status on a client, I see it correctly list the server's hostname in the "Connecting to database:" line. It then lists the current static IP in the "Address:" part.


      Does this mean my clients are already set to look up the server's IP from the hostname in DNS, or will I need to make some changes if I change the server's static IP?


      Many thanks for any advice!

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          It depends if you distributed SDMCFG.ini file to all clients, with IP address or with a server name. If you have IP, then you need to replace that file on all clients.

          I hope you used name, so only DNS change will be required.

          To convert from IP based to name based SDMCFG, you could put SDMCFG.ini with server name into your client fileset and let clients get it during sync.

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            If you did not change the server address to it's DNS name at the original creation of the server object then by default it uses IP address.


            To change this, effectively you would now need to manually change the sdmcfg.ini on each client (file is in the EEPC client folder) after creating a new server object.


            See McAfee KB60892 article about moving the database as it also goes over changing the IP.

            (see specifically step 3).



            on 28/01/10 07:15:11 CST
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              Thanks, Guys! I did have the IP address set so I'll have to follow the new server object route.