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    Getting rid of jucheck.exe

      We have used Macs for years, and to be really honest rarely ever an issue with anything. I had 3 pieces of software to run that are not Mac compatible, so I bought a new laptop.  After getting it setup I immediatelly installed Total Protection 2010.  The laptop came with a free trial of Norton which I did not activate but removed in order to install McAfee. Interesting that the reminder to try out Norton still comes up every time the computer is turned on, then  the reminder to update jucheck.exe. presents itself, and when this is declined the update for java comes up.  I wonder if there is a connection here? Is jucheck.exe somehow connected to declining Norton?  I need to  get rid of jucheck.exe.  Scanning with McAfee and even using their virtual technician picked up nothing, but my computer is doing wacky things.  For example the gadgets on the desk top will suddenly appear on the page that is open.  The wonders of life.  Thanks.

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          Peter M

          Run the Norton Removal Tool:  http://service1.symantec.com/Support/tsgeninfo.nsf/docid/2005033108162039


          Sorry I'm not really sure if it works on a Mac.


          The jucheck is the Java Update Checker and it is advisable to let it run.  But although I'm not au fait with a Mac you should be able to adjust update settings in the Control Panel/Additional Options or Classical View > Java in Windows, whatever the equivalent is in a Mac.

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            Thanks for the response. You are my hero for the day. I feel pretty dumb if jucheck.exe is a good thing. I thought from my reading that it was anything from a worm to a Trojan. I am confused. Can I assume that some bad things simply use jucheck.exe to gain entry and then cause havoc?  I suspect I should just let it load, and assume if something bad is potentially going to happen, McAfee will find it most likely.  Am I right?  The new lap top is Windows 7 by the way, and it is taking some getting use to.

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              Peter M

              I suppose it could be vulnerable - that's why it's always wise to keep an extra one or two anti-spyware tools handy just in case.  That and always keep everything up to date.