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    ePO directory sorting, which settings takes preference?


      does anyone know which setting would take preference in directory sorting:

      IP sorting or tag sorting?


      I have created groups based on IP for workstations and groups based on tags for servers.

      The problem is some of the servers fall in the same segments as the workstations but I do not want them to populate the workstation groups.

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          answered my own question by doing some testing.

          It looks like tags take preference in the sorting.

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            Attila Polinger

            Hi Zeusmaster,


            I recently encountered a situation similar to yours, but I saw that , to the contrary, tag sorting did not take preference over IP sorting (or seemed like it).


            We have a newly built ePO 4.5 system. For two specific servers I have created tags, say, A and B by their IP address.

            Then we created groups as well and some IP ranges were assigned in Group Details to sort nodes into those groups.

            We  created another specific group for these two servers and assigned these tags to the Group Details so the two systems had to sort into here.


            Incidentally, the IP address of one of the two servers were not initially assigned within any of the IP ranges to other groups, so when the agent was installed on that server with tag A, it sorted into the specific group.

            When we installed the agent  onto the other server with tag B, it sorted into a different group, where the IP range have already contained its IP.

            Desőite that the specific group for sorting based on tags preceded the other groups where IP sorting was defined.


            So to me it seems that IP sorting takes preference over tag sorting.


            How did you check your theory ?