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    need to know if McAfee is workin!!



      this is my first time here so plz bear wid me:)


      i had purchased a new comp in sept 09 n got a mcafee trial version then...... unfortunately it didnt work n my comp crashd in a couple of weeks. i then installed a licensed version of mcafee. however, since then whenever i scan my comp, the reports never show any viruses detected... its nw 4 mnths n i really dnt think that my mcafee is workin... it does detect viruses in my pendrive, but not all the time... could u plz help me out here!!... thanx...

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          Hi natasia,

          Could you please check whether the virus scan & DAT is uptodate,

          Open security center, click about and let me know what is the version of virus scan and DAT version ?

          Also let me know the followingd details:

          What is the computer's operating system ?

          Do you have any other security software installed in the computer ?








          Dinesh K

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            im sorry... bt when i right click on M icon, theres no virus scan option

            my security centre updates evryday n sayz that im uptodate

            i have windows vista home premium 32 bit OS

            and i have alo not installed any other security software on d comp

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              Open security center, click about (to the right bottom) and check the version of DAT.

              If the DAT is uptodate, Run a full scan of mcafee and check for any detection from the following location: -

              Open security center - click View recent events to the left pane

              Cclick View log from the right pane

              Click the (+) symbol next to detection log

              Click scan information below that , and you will be able to find the results of the scan Scan log.JPG








              Dinesh K