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    "Fix it" Not Fixing it

      So I've been at this for hours, and even ran that virtual technician thing that McAfee tells you to, and I get the following diagnostic:




      Any help with my 6 issues found on that?


      Also, under the Fix It Button, it says "the detection signature file is more than 30 days old" "some components are missing.  Please reinstall virus scan"  And when I click fix it, it downloads virus scan, but it never goes away.  On the left of my McAfee menu, it actually says I in fact do have Virus Scan...


      When I click fix it, it says "one or more problems cannot be fixed because of problems."  I've reinstalled McAfee, and I followed directions on many posts.  None work for me.



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          Hi david,

          Can you please provide the following information ,

          What is the operating system of the computer ?

          What is the error message under the fix button ?

          post me your session id from mvt so that I could review the files.








          Dinesh K

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            Microsoft Windows Vista x64


            -     The detection file is more than 30 days old




            -     Some Components are missing.  Please reinstall McAfee Virus Scan.



            Session ID 23753937 , but I posted a link to view the file on my previous post



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              The reason for this error in your security center is because the virus scan is not getting the latest updates.

              Please follow the below steps to update your programs;

              1.Check and delete if you have any other security software in programs & features or C:/program files & common files.

              2.Click on "Start" and then click on "start search". Then type in "Drivers".
              On the window that opens up try to open up the folder named "ETC". then look for the file "Hosts" and then right click on the file and open it with "NotePad".Check the bottom of the page just below from where it says local host.If you have list of websites remove them all and ensure you have the details only up to information about websites below this can be removed.

              Once done save the files and try to update McAfee.



              Dinesh K

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                None of those applied to my situation.


                1)  There were no other security programs in program files/common files


                2)  There were no such folder(s) named ETC when i typed in drivers into the search box on start

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                  Try: Windows/System32/drivers/etc


                  That's where mine is.


                  Question for DINZ - Do we delete the old Host file with all the websites on it or just save the new one as another file?

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                    Ok, I figured it out. All I had to do was uninstall McAfee, restart my comp, then run McAfee Clean Up (it's somewhere on McAfee's website) and this worked like a charm. 

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                      Its not required to delete the old host file, the modified new host file could just be saved.








                      Dinesh K

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                        1) 1st pls check the date & time on the computer it shld be correct

                        2) Click on START>Run (In Run type inetcpl.cpl ... Go to Connection TAB and click on LAN Settings ... Check for Proxy ....)

                        3) Go to C:\Program Files\McAfee\Virus Scan ... Check for a folder called DAT ... Rename it to DAT_old ... then Run the New McAfee Virtual Tech by going to the link ... mvt.mcafee.com ... Pls follow the on screen instructions to run the Tool ...