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    Got a virus for sure - SC 9.0 can't detect it - what do I do?

      Hello Ya'all:


      I just definately got a virus - I received an email from UPS, indicating a package that I shipped wasn't delivered. I did ship a package that day that was very important. The email which looked absolutely authentic, had what it claimed was a scanned image of the information. It was in a zip file. I opened the zip file, there was an executable inside. I opened the executable, a warning went off in another program (not McAfee) that the executable was trying to open Microsoft Word. I allowed it. Word didn't open, and the attachment spontaneously self-deleted. I ran SC9.0 on the zip file - it could not detect anything. I re-unzipped the file, and scanned the executable - SC9.0 could still not detect anything. I contacted UPS - they said it was definately a virus, and they knew about it, but did not know how to get rid of it.


      What do I do? I'm concerned about my personal information...