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    Install VSE8.7i from ePO4 Patch4?


      Currently we have ePO4.0 Patch4 and VSE8.5i deployed on all machines with Agent version 4.0

      To prepare installation/migration of VSE8.7 I've duplicate VSE8.5 polices to VSE8.7i and some client and server tasks: the objective is to allow VSE8.5i and VSE8.7i to cohabit during the migration and leave each different site to decide on their own when they're ready to migrate to VSE8.7i

      I'd like to have some confirmation/information:

      - do we need to update agent from 4.0 to 4.5 ?

      - can VSE8.5i (with own policies) and VSE8.7i (with own policies) cohabit in parallel?

      - I don't find any information how to force/deploy VSE8.7i from ePO with restriction to an particular OU (Organization Unit): as ePO is synchronized with Active Directory, and in order to limit impact and fine tuning, we want to create a task which deploy VSE8.7i ONLY on specified OU=DEV-XX-YY (migration OU per OU instead of deployment of VSE8.7i on all machines at the same time)

      ==> How you can do that ?



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          Yes, VSE 8.5i & 8.7i can cohabit.

          I have also been migrating systems to VSE 8.7i from 8.5i. What I do is to run a specially created report called VSE8.7iupgrade. This report will list systems that have over 1GB of RAM, what VSE they have and which are currently online. From this report, I can manually select systems from each group that I then move into lost&found group. In lost&found, I have a deployment task that is set to install VSE 8.7i immediately.


          Doing this allows me to only target some systems early morning and at lunchtimes. We still have older systems that run 256MB or 512MB of RAM so they will stay on VSE 8.5i for now.


          Not too sure how to answer your OU question as we don't do that.

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            - do we need to update agent from 4.0 to 4.5 ?

            - can VSE8.5i (with own policies) and VSE8.7i (with own policies) cohabit in parallel?

            As far as I know (and have tested) you don't need ePO 4.5.

            We are presently upgrading from VSE 8.5i to VSE 8.7i and have seen no problem so far.

            Remember that VSE 8.7i is not compatible with WinNT and Win2000, so if you're organisation is in any way like where I am, you'll have a small number of older systems with Win2000...

            You may want to make sure you exclude those from this upgrade.


            About "cohabitation", I'm not sure what you mean.

            If you mean having a VSE 8.5i and 8.7i install on the same client PC I'd consider this as a big don't !! (Never install two antivirus software on one system)

            If you mean having the software on the ePO server so it can push/install it on client systems, no problem there, it's just one more software in the repository.  Just make sure you have the (latest) Extension and Report Extension for VSE on the ePO server.


            have a nice day




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              Thanks for you all for your replies.

              By 'cohabitation' I mean that we have VSE85 and VSE87 packages on the ePO server with own policies for each VSExx and some machines (ex: under Windows NT or Windows 2000) continue to live with VSE85 (not compatible with VSE87) and others machines are migrated to and managed by VSE87


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                No problem there, that's actually pretty standard.

                And considering that VSE 8.7i is not compatible with Windows NT/2000, I will probably keep VSE 8.5 and VSE 8.7 for some time.

                I'd rather replace those old machines but a few are running some old software that's not compatible with newer OSes.   I wonder if they'd work in a virtualised environment... alas I (luckily) don't manage those systems or software, so I don't care too much.


                Good luck with VSE 8.7 deployment.


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                  Hi --


                  We have upgraded from VSE 8.5 to 8.7 Patch 2 through ePO 4.0. we have couple of issue which has follows.

                  1. Weekly scan task not applied to windows 7 & windows 2008 - Resolved after support case (more than  1 month)

                  2. During weekly full system scan the system performance very slow (even excluded many files, process & archives) - Scan32.exe taking more CPU utilization

                       This issue not resolved by Mcafee (escalated to engineering team) and explained that the behavior of VSE8.7 product design nothing to do on this issue and advised for downgrade VSE 8.5 or wait for VSE 8.8


                  Hence i request you to aware of the Mcafee product (stupid) design and go for upgrade