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    NetSky, Fake Alert, Getting worse

      I made the mistake of letting my anti-virus subscription lapse and got infected with something.


      I renewed and McAfee found a few things, but the problems did not go away.  I tried AdAware, it found items, but they keep coming back.


      General description, to the best of memory:

      • When the computer starts a dialog box appears saying that helper32.dll is not a valid file.  If I click OK, another will appear, and this will continue
      • When I select my account (multiple accounts on xp), I get a warning that I have been infected with  worm32.win32.netsky - this is a yellow shield, looks like a Windows alert
      • I get a warning about a dll name something like "nadudge..."
      • I get a red "x" in my tool bar telling me to buy some anti virus software from buyinternet-security.com
      • I tried to start the task manager, but I get one message saying that it has been disabled by my admin and another giving me an alert about a bad file image
      • McAfee cannot update, complaining that it cannot access the internet
      • My browser cannot open any web sites


      I downloaded stinger onto a CD (on another computer) and ran it.  It claims to have found nothing, but the symptoms keep coming back.


      I downloaded fake alert stinger and copied it to a CD, but now the computer logs me out every time I log in.  Safe mode results in the same.


      This seems to keep getting worse.  Can anybody suggest anything I haven't done?




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          Supringly, this problem has not fixed itself.  I am a bit surprised by the lack of suggestions for a solution.  Anybody?  It seems other people are having similar problems.

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            Try this:  Download SuperAntispyware and/or Malwarebytes (free versions) and install them.  Update them and run a scan.  I had to run my scan in safe mode at one point because I was infected so badly that they wouldn't run in normal start up.  I'm still not sure that I'm totally clean but things seem to be working ok at the moment.  If you can't connect to the internet see if you can get them on to a flash drive or cd from another computer and see if you can install them that way.  I'm no expert by any means and am waiting for a response to one of my own questions but this may help you until someone else comes around.

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              Still no answer - I am not impressed.


              The problem with running the fakealert stinger is that at this point, I cannot log onto the system, even in safe mode.


              Extremely disappointed with McAfee.