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    ePO agent on Windows 7 doesn't seem to work

      Version installed : ePO 3.6 Server & McAfee Agent 3.6



      Would you plz help me.?


      I know 3.6 version won't work in windows7.

      What about on XP mode in Virtual PC? As Virtual PC provides the same environment as windows XP, it should work.


      I installed McAfee antiVirus and spyware and tried to install ePO agents(ver. 3.6) with a hope it would defenitely work.


      But..it never seems to communicate with server and machine information doesn't appear in the EPO server.  I also did ping test, and it worked.


      I don't know what causes this...I tried every possibility that I could..I think something blocks a traffic to Server



      Do you have any idea?