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    Uninstall Freescan

      Windows XP Home SP3.  Installed FREESCAN a couple of days ago.  I now have a folder C:\Windows\McAfee.com with a subfolder FREESCAN.  There are 9 files in that folder.  None seem to be an uninstaller.


      IE8 shows an ADD-ON called McFreescan Class.  There is no option to REMOVE it.  The REMOVE button is greyed out.  Nothing on it shows in ADD/REMOVE programs.


      How do I uninstall/eliminate FREESCAN?   Thank you in advance.

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          Interesting downloaded it to check and I have same issue. Will get back to you

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            I also have this.A while back i downloaded Adobe?Or something like that and with that file it said get a free mcafee scan.By accident i did`nt uncheck the scan which was packaged with flash player.Could this be the problem?



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              Well, I think I got it removed.  Here is what I did:


              Tools Internet Options, Advanced, RESET.  Then I went back and re-enabled what I wanted.  Freescan WAS GONE!!.  Then I deleted the folder.  Then I ran ccleaner  and cleaned up a registry.


              Know that RESET disables add-ons .. and sets IE8 to an install default.  You simply go through all the setup stuff you want .. search provider etc etc.  It is pretty easy .. and it got rid of the FREESCAN accelerator or add-on, or whatever it is.

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                Adobe has the option to install Mcafee security scan I am unsure if this same as freescan I do not think it is.


                Yes freescan has 30+ registry additions and really I feel needs an uninstall option. We here do not like using registry cleaners as they can cause issues themselves but if yours worked good.


                My addons do not show a freesacan addition and I feel your windows/mcafee folder will still be there is it?

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                  I agree, Freescan needs an unstall.  the IE8 reset I described got rid of the entry in the Add-on list .. which had a greyed out REMOVE button.  The folder was left on the HD and I manually deleted it.  You are right, .. ccleaner found many entries from the FREESCAN installation.

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                    Ok found it was under currently loaded add ons  and was enabled so I disabled it and removed it Remove was not greyed out



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                      McAfee Freescan is a free virus scanning tool from McAfee.  You can download it from the McAfee website and scan your computer for viruses: http://home.mcafee.com/store/freeservices.aspx  I do not believe that it is associated with Adobe or Internet Explorer.  It is merely a free download from McAfee to scan your computer for viruses.


                      As far as how to uninstall it, you need to ask McAfee, as it seems as there is no currently available removal program.  Maybe they need to come up with one.

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                        This is a very old thread.  If it uses an installer and I don't think it does, it would be listed in the program list just like anything else and can be removed the normal way.


                        Edit: Peacekeeper already said how to remove it I see.



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                          I looked, and it cannot be removed by Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.


                          Also, Peacekeeper's technique does not seem to work.  In Internet Explorer 8, I went to "tools", then "manage add-ons", clicked on "McFree Scan Class", clicked "disable", then looked for the "remove" option.  The "remove" option is not available for this add-on.  I'm not sure why, but for some reason, it doesn't work.


                          If anyone knows how to uninstall this McFree Scan add-on, it would be greatly appreciated.

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