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    Unhappy with Total Protection 2010

      Hi, Just want to say, that I am completely DISSATISFIED with Total Protection 2010!!! After Purchasing and installing, it had problems from the start.  Suffice to say, that latest issue was a VIRUS that litterally shut down any access to anything on the screen after sign-on to PC.  This happened WHILE MACAFEE was loaded and running.  I could not remove it with multiple attempts to do SCANS.  Called SUPPORT, they said it is a KEYLOG VIRUS and needs to be resolved by other department for an ADDITIONAL CHARGE of $89 and change!!! I am flabbergasted!!! I paid 60.00+ for the software and while it is runninng it gets a virus, and I have to pay EXTRA money to get it removed!!! WOW!!! The comment was that MACAFEE COULD NOT GUARANTEE 100% Virus Protection only 99%, and that there is a 1% (one percent) NOT COVERED!!!  I've never heard anything more ridiculous in my life... IT SOUNDS LIKE MACAFEE IS A COMPLETE SCAM!!!  It seems that they sell PSEUDO SECURITY.  They also claimed that they could not guarantee security against the newest viruses being created by the day...  IF I PAY FOR SECURITY, I PAY FOR SECURITY AFTER THE PURCHASE DATE, NOT JUST UPTO THE PURCHASE DATE.  I EXPECT THAT I WILL GET COVERAGE AGAINST 'ANY' REPEAT 'ANY' VIRUS THREAT FOR THE DURATION OF THE SERVICE AGREEMENT.


      I am retired. I use to install computers for a living and was an AVID MACAFEE USER...KEY WORD: WAS!!! After this FIASCO, I not only WILL NOT PURCHASE ANY MACAFEE PRODUCTS EVER, I WILL ANNOUNCE THIS TO ALL WHO ASK ME ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE, AND I WILL TELL THEM WHAT I WENT THROUGH...MY RECOMMENDATION WILL BE: DO NOT BUY IT!!! After all this, to add insult to injury, I was refused a refund, because It was over 30 days since purchase... ANY good company with ANY interest in CUSTOMER SATISFACTION would of refunded me my money...WOW, I've never been so insulted in all my life!!! I feel that I was taken advantage of by a 'REPUTABLE' company!!!  SO, JUST WANTED TO SPEAK MY PIECE... BUYER: BEWARE!!!!!

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          Peter M

          Starting off with a tirade like that isn't going to garner you much sympathy I'm afraid as most of the help here is by users like me and you volunteering their time.   I moved this to a more appropriate section.


          Any software maker is going to charge you if you want one-on-one service, but there are other ways and means of acheiving the same result.


          Also any protection software is not 100% proof against everything out there.  One has to exercise due caution and keep the system totally up to date.


          What operating system and service pack is this and how much RAM (memory) is installed, plus did you have any previous protection software installed?


          If so did you completely remove it and use whatever removal tool?


          Run the free version of this tool to check for and remove any problematic applications.  Update it before running and let it remove anything it finds and reboot immediately when asked.





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            I got pretty much the same run-a-round when I called in for help. I bought and paid for my copy of McAfee and it was fully up to date and running when I got hit with a virus it was not able to stop. I was told the exact same things: "no guarantee" "just pay us more money". I would like to know why, if they can remove it for $89 why can't my fully up to date software do the same thing? All I asked for was an ETR on the newest tool and got no answer. I wasted nearly 6 hours trying all thier different options and programs and downloads to no avail. I dont have all year to wait for the newest tool to finish testing, I had to wipe my harddrive and start all over from scratch. I did not even bother to ask for a refund but i will never put McAfee on my computer again. I already bought the newest version of Norton, it can't possibly be any worse. I agree with Ralf, its completely absurd to spend this kind of money on a product that does not work as advertised only to be told "we can remove that for another $89". If that's the case, why not just wait till you get a virus and let them remove it for $89 a pop instead of investing the money upfront only to have to pay the additional fee anyway.

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              No anti-virus solution in the world is going to offer you 100% detection - we do not advertise our product to behave as such and never have. There are always going to be new threats, and over the years the numbers of these new threats have escalated at an incredibly high rate, and it will continue to do so.


              To give you a numerical picture this - we process over 50000 samples every single day. This blog post from last year gives you a further view into the explosion in growth.


              As well as traditional signature based detection we use generic and heuristic capabilities to protect our customer from new threats, addtionally we have technology such as artemis which bring you real-time cloud-based protection, and we are constantly investigating and developing new technologies to fight the fight against the bad guys.  It is an ongoing battle and always will be.


              Regarding the Virus Removal Service, this will always remain a chargable service given that we provide you with a technician to remotely connect to your machine to try to remove an infection for you. This is no different to calling out an IT person to come and install a printer for you - they will charge you for their time.


              This community is provided free of charge and many customers have benefited from the advice they have received here.


              If you have any further questions or points to raise I will happily address them.



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                I thank you for your input, however, your giving me the same thing the support people did... excuses... I'm sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but you missed the point which is, 'Don't make promises you CAN'T keep.'  Package promised security - then said it can't guarantee security.  I know that you can't guarantee 100% the stopping of ALL Viruses, but I PAID for SERVICE and got NONE only more excuses, and a NEW offer to remove virus for an ADDITIONAL PRICE!!!


                You said, 'Regarding the Virus Removal Service, this will always remain a chargable service given that we provide you with a technician to remotely connect to your machine to try to remove an infection for you. This is no different to calling out an IT person to come and install a printer for you - they will charge you for their time.'


                Now I ask you, why would I purchase a package that promises, regular updates and customer support, IF I KNOW that they will charge me an ADDITIONAL LARGE FEE for a virus that slips by the package??? I would NOT, but that is not what the package offered, and therefore not what I expected... I do apologize sincerely if I come accross rude to you, not my intention, but your response does not address the problem... and it was almost exactly what the Customer Support person said... I know about software limitations - I worked in that field, and it is not the issue.  I expected better service from a package that I purchased offering me TOTAL PROTECTION 2010!!!  I thank you again for your input and again my apologies if you felt I am out of line...FM: Unhappy User

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                  Thank you for your input... BUT FIRST: I was, and am NOT looking for sympathy!!! Second: Moving this to another 'VENUE' is an example of 'Hide the Dirty Laundry.' MY PURPOSE: is to express my disenchantment with MCAFEE in order to bring to light the LACK of CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Because you know as well as I, that addressing this with the company directly is a WASTE OF TIME!!! Here, users can Idenntify with this problem and HOPEFULLY, this issue WILL be addressed!  IF I waste my time here, it is my time to waste, if you choose to ignore it, that is your choice, but to move it, denies me my opportunity to EXPRESS my frustration over this issue.... and after all, isn't that what community discussion groups are supposed to address... Pardon me if I am TOO rude, however, I feel that removing this from here is a denial of my freedom to express myself... thank you for your input.

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                    Good for you Ralf.  I had a very similar problem recently and McAfee was happy to help for the additional fee. They never bothered to look at what the problem even was, just their promise of, "WE CAN FIX IT, CAN I HAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER".


                    So McAfee if you are listening here is the problem:  It's bad enough when a customer has a problem, because by the time they have logged into you for technical assistance we have more than likely exhausted our resources and the stress factor is rising.  In the past McAfee customer service went above and beyond, in my own personal experience, not only did they offer to help, but they took control of my computer and let me know what the problem was and assisted me in fixing it without any ADDITIONAL charge.   WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT SERVICE?   Customer service is now a premium, that's just wrong, and McAfee isn't the only one charging for it.  Unfortunately it takes customers like myself and Ralf and many others to scream loud enough that McAfee wakes up and realizes customer service means everything.  Selling software is not customer service, it's what HAPPENS AFTER THE SALE.  When a customer reaches out to you for assistance you should take honest look at what their problem is and deal with each individual on an individual basis, and stop using the PRE-PROGRAMED LINE of there is an additional fee.  Possibly it will take additional funds to correct an issue, but at least take the time to see what it is and help educate your customers.


                    So tell me, why is it that McAfee is charging $89+ for something we can download for free?  "malwarebytes"  BAD CARMA MCAFEE

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                      Thank you for your input, and all I can say is 'HERE, HERE!!' Thank you for your support... I obviously am addressing a LEGITIMATE issue that needs addressing... I know that I will NEVER get my money back; I know that I will Never get proper support; but MAYBE - future buyers will!!!  Thank you for your input...


                      ...and again, If you sell TOTAL PROTECTION, then give TOTAL SUPPORT, otherwise call it PARTIAL PROTECTION and give PARTIAL SUPPORT!!!

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                        Peter M

                        I give up...obviously you will take no notice of anything we say.  I moved the topic to an area where it would receive better attention FYI, but as you seem intent on blathering on I will leave you to it and unsubscribe from this topic.

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                          madasahatter, I thank you for your support in this.  Like you said, we have to make this a Totally OBVIOUS 2010 package for MCAFEE to listen to... thanks again...

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