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    Mcafee Enterprise & Windows Live Messenger 2009 incompatibility

      Hi All,


      My company just switch to Mcafee Enterprise. The details are as follows. Since then we had compatibility issues with WLM2009. WLM2009 is able to sign in but it signs out within a few seconds and signs in again. And it keeps doing it over and over again. However, I have no problem accessing WLM2009 at home. It only happens on the corporate network


      Webmessenger works fine. I tried using Trillian which connects to server: "messenger.hotmail.net" Port 1863 and it works fine. I also tried Port: 443 and also had no issue. So I believe are ports are not blocked. I understand that there is a patch from Mcafee which addresses this issue but I have no idea where to find the patch? Can some one help?


      Mcafee Agent Version:

      Host Intrusion Prevention: 7.0.0

      Safeboot Device Encryption: 5.1.5

      Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise Workstation: