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    Still need help with Artemis trojon

      I posted a question a few days back about artemis trojon.Originally i thought it was repaired (removed) which is what it said in the recent events log under computer & files (detection) today i noticed it is quarantined under the restore tab.The only option is to send to Mcafee which you Cant because file is to large.Can anyone tell me how to take care of this?

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          How big is the file if you zip it up?


          Also, what's the full detection name you are seeing?


          Kind regards,



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            IT is Artemis!3C37C0188A11(Trojan) I don`t know how big the file is. When i try to send the file to mcafee it says the file is to big.I am also not sure how to zip or even get the file.I had googled something & before i even clicked on to a site i recieved a Mcafee pop up.The pop up went away quickly.I looked in recent events & computer file detection log it said 1 or more items were detected on your computer.Reported by real time scan.Status says repaired (removed).Process C\program files(x86)mozilla firefox exe.File is users\jg\Appdata\local\tempSTPLQEBX.exe.part .This was on the 23rd.Yesterday i noticed it was in the restore section quarantined files,but could not send the Quarantined file.Not sure what to do next.Thank you for responding.

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              I further checked the detection [Artemis!3C37C0188A11(Trojan)] and found its a Combofix download program file (combofixdownload.com )

              This site is also rated and found to be malicious, you can get more info here: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/combofixdownload.com

              [McAfee TrustedSource web reputation analysis found potential security risks with this site. Use with extreme caution.]


              If you still want us to suppress Artemis, let us know I will further check with our Senior Virus Researchers.



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                yes i am not sure how to go about this.The file is to large to send to Mcafee.Should i delete it if i can.I know that sounds like the obvious answer,but i have not tried to delete the quarantined file yet.I have never had anything detected by mcafee and i want to go about it the right way.I am an average user at best.So i have been waiting for advice from people who know a lot more than myself.Thank you for your response Neha.I have been haveing problems with my Mcafee and even spoke with Dinz about 10 days ago about some of my concerns.Please let me know how to proceed.By the way i was surfing the web when i recieved the pop up.I believe i got this from bleeping computer which is linked to combofix.

                                                                                                                                                                                     Thank you, Jack



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                  Hi Jack,


                  I will get back to you with the response once I receive from our Senior Researchers.



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                    Thanks very much Neha.I appreciate that.I have had this since the 23rd and my computer is pretty new.The computer came with Mcafee installed and i don`t go to any obvious unsafe sites.I really don`t like useing he chat service,so thanks for the help.

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                      Hi Jack,


                      McAfee(R) Artemis technology provides real-time protection that secures enterprises and consumers from threats as they strike and much quicker than traditional signatures can be deployed.


                      Simply wait approximately 30 minutes and this false will no longer exist or trigger on your system. Depending on the network settings you have or the caching involved between your system and ours it may take slightly longer for this false alarm to be resolved.


                      We have suppressed Artemis false, please check and let me know if any issue persists.



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                        I am still not sure what you are saying.I still have it in my quarantined files.IT has been there for 8 days.I first tried to get an answer here on the 23rd.I could not send it because it was to large & did`nt delete it because like i said never had this problem amd did`nt want to just delete it.If i click on recent events,view log,computer & files - detection log.It is listed there and says removed (repaired)?But if i click advanced menu,restore then files it is just listed as quarantined.The 1st one i spoke of there is no option to delete.I have not tried to delete under quarantined yet.I am not sure what you mean by waiting 30 minutes.Do you mean delete and it should be gone in 30 minutes?If this is a false that would be great news for me.As i said i was seaching the internet-bleeping computer and i don`t know if i clicked on link for combo fix but i did`nt download any file. Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated.I will wait for your reply.                                               Jack

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                          Please attach the log file



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