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    Security center not fixing alert

      Have McAfee installed but keep getting alert saying computer not fully protected; computer & files and email & IM need attention.Have run full scans and updates. Clicking fix just keeps on running with no solution. Problem for over a week. Please help.

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          Can you please provide some more information on this ;

          What is the error message displayed underneath the Fix button ?

          What is the operating system in the computer ?

          Do you have any other security software installed ?

          Please run mcafee virtual technician from http://mvt.mcafee.com and post me the session id .










          Dinesh K

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            The same problem reported by jeanjuc is happening to me.

            I've installed the mcafee virtual technician but it reports that no McAfee software is installed.

            I have McAfee Security Center build 9.15.160 installed.

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              Can you provide some information like;

              What is the operating system of the computer ?

              Was mcafee installed through a cd or from online ?

              Do you have any other security software installed ?








              Dinesh K

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                Hi jeanjuc,

                Please follow the below steps ;

                Check and confirm whether the system clock is set right (including month & year).

                Check and delete if you find any other security software in C:/program files and common files.

                Run the update tool from http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MSCPRXFIX.exe. and restart the computer.

                Click update in security center . Do report back if you face any issues on the same.








                Diesh K

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                  Hi Dinz,


                  Many thanks: the solution you proposed worked out for me.

                  Now the Security Center is updated and shows no warning message.

                  However I've just ran the McAfee Virtual Technician and it still cannot find any McAfee product installed (refer to the attached picture).

                  I'm running Windows XP Service Pack 3, the Security Center was installed from on-line and there is no other security software installed (I had Free AVG but I've checked that it has been removed).

                  Hope you can help also on this one.


                  Best regards,



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                    Hi acviegas,

                    Glad that your issue is resolved and regarding the virtual technician, Uninstall the existing one from add/remove programs and then try running it again from http://mvt.mcafee.com and check the status ?










                    Dinesh K

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                      Hi Dinz,


                          Unexpected work commitments interrupting timely response back.  I have Vista Home Premium on dial up internet access (is this my problem also?). I previously ran Mcafee Virtual Technician (it took 3 repeated procedures before it would install and respond.  Explorer kept shutting off.) First complete mvt session ID: 23767981 and Scan reported Fixed: failed to update DAT files & Fixed: registry entry problems detected. On recent mvt session ID: 24050952 reported Fixed: failed to update DAT FILES. Mcafee Alert remained on for several days but no fix. Subsequent message is now a Red Alert, bottom icon is dark blue. Computer files and email are not protected; new message is: The detection signature file is more than 30 days old.


                          I have rechecked my clock and date and they're correct.

                          I did find Norton Security Scan hiding in c:/ program files and common files and took repeated tries to finally delete it.

                          I ran your suggested download.....MSCPRXFIX.exe. Restated computer, clicked Update in Security center.  Update ran

                             for several hours then something knocked off the internet connection at 95% download, Reconnecting back on started

                             virus scan.  No protection still displayed.

                      Additional help still needed.







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                        Hi Jeanjuc,

                        Unfortunately it takes long times for downloads in dial up connection and it may disconnect intermittently. I would like you to check if there are any other entries in the host file.

                        1. Click on "Start" and then click on "Run". Then Type in "Drivers".

                        On the window that opens up try to open up the folder named "ETC". then look for the file "Hosts" and then right click on the file and open it with "NotePad".Check the bottom of the page just below from where it says local host.If you have list of websites remove them all and ensure you have the details only up to information about websites below this can be removed


                        2. Open IE, click tools - internet options , click the connections tab
                        From the LAN settings , tell me if the proxy server is checked or unchecked






                        Dinesh K

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                          I checked the host file, there were no websites to remove. I opened IE and clicked on tools to the LAN settings and the proxy server was unchecked.


                          Any further instructions?



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