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    Superagent repository issues




      Currently, we can create superagents on our workstations but are unable to create superagent repositories.  Our EPO server is on a windows network but our workstations are on novell networks and it seems like the EPO server is unable to find the superagent repositories.



      Here is the epoApSvr log entry


      20100126074336 I #17232 SIM_InetMgr Session 1 ended, result=1
      20100126074336 I #17232 SiteMgr  GeneralInetRequestThreadProc: GeneralInetRequest thread ended
      20100126074336 x #17232 SiteMgr  SiteMgr main control final release...
      20100126075012 I #9632 SiteMgrWrap Created instance of Site Manager
      20100126075012 I #9632 SiteMgr  SetEPOMode: SiteMgr enter ePO mode, server=Dom1, port=8443, EPOUser=, Password=********
      20100126075012 I #9632 SiteMgr  DALInit: Connected to DAL successful
      20100126075012 I #9632 SiteMgr  SetEPOMode: Set ePO mode successful
      20100126075012 I #9632 SiteMgr  ReplicationThreadProc: Replication thread started
      20100126075012 I #9632 SiteMgr  ReplicationThreadProc: Replication using 24 threads
      20100126075012 I #9632 SiteMgr  Replication Temp dir: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\nai4BB9.tmp\00000000, 1
      20100126075013 I #9632 SiteMgr  Replication determining master site size
      20100126075021 i #9632 SiteMgr  ReplicationThreadProc: Uploading data to site ePOSA_A000476D9C45E
      20100126075021 i #9632 SiteMgr  ReplicationThreadProc: Skipping site test, not included in replication task
      20100126075021 I #63544 SIM_InetMgr Starting upload session for site 7009539B-28C3-4C92-8FC9-98255A576599
      20100126075021 I #63544 naInet   HTTP Session initialized
      20100126075021 I #63544 naInet   Connecting to HTTP Server in socket-mode
      20100126075021 I #63544 naInet   Connecting to Real Server: A000476D9C45E on port: 8081
      20100126075024 E #63544 naInet   failed to find host for HTTP server: A000476D9C45E:8081, error 11001
      20100126075024 I #63544 naInet   HTTP Session closed


      When I telnet from the EPO server, it cannot find the server name A00476D9C45E but if I Telnet the IP address it works.  Is there any way to change the repository setup to use the IP address instead?  Hope I am making sense