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    VSE Exclusions: Windows Deployment Services



      I've been looking on Technet and McAfee's Knowledge Base for an answer on this without success.


      Does anyone know, or have a link to a website, the list of exclusions required for Windows Server 2008 Standard running Windows Deployment Services?


      Pretty desperate for this but no information to be found!


      Thank you.

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          I can tell you right of the top of my head that you need to apply the obvious Windows Server exclusions. As for WDS itself I didn't notice anything in the TechNet library calling out specific exclusions, but that does not mean their not there (usually buried in some odd spot).


          As for the images themselves it makes no sense whatsoever to scan the .WIM files (extremists may argue otherwise) and other bootable images deployed to end users. Scanning large image files usually times out unless your scan policy is extreme, so it's better to exclude the .WIM images anyways.


          I usually find antivirus exclusions for Microsoft products in the product performance optimization sections on TechNet. Sometimes the exclusion recommendations are buried in obscure locations, which are difficult to find. I assume you already searched the McAfee KB and TechNet before you posted here, right?




          If someone is pointing fingers at the antivirus for causing problems (all too common in this field), be polite, nice, and assist them by showing them how to do performance monitoring. Google is your friend here, so find a tuning article if you need some help in this area.


          http://www.google.com/search?q=perfmon+tutorial+2003&rls=com.microsoft:en-us&ie= UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&startIndex=&startPage=1   use keywords "PERFMON" and "TUTORIAL" to get you started.


          Antivirus is and always has been the "Whipping Boy" to blame someone's poorly planned implementations on. I can't even recall how many times I have seen projects started in an utter vacumm and antivirus exclusions are always an after thought.


          Save yourself sometime and develop sound, well planned exclusions and save yourself some headaches!


          Btw, you never really stated what the exact problem was. You said your desperate, but never really specified why your desperate. I took at guess based on experience, so I am not 100% sure I am on target here....


          My two cents...



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            Hi Robert,


            Thanks very much for the reply, very helpful!


            I was planning to exclude the images anyway .


            I can understand what you mean regarding the "Let's Blame Antivirus" approach that many people/organizations take in regards to poor performance, but luckily in this case WDS is yet to be installed and i was wondering what exclusions would be needed before hand .


            I am actually going to print your rant though and make sure that whenever someone does try to blame performance issues on Antivirus, then i will make sure they get a copy it .


            -EDIT- The reason i am desperate, is as you said, the Project Leader of WDS didn't take into account ANY of the additional things we need to take care of before making a server live in our production environment and the time scale didn't include rolling out antivirus or adding the server to our backup schedule... and therefore i am now short on time to get this delivered.


            Thanks again,




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