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    Creating a new EPO Database

      Hi All


      We want to create a new database for our ePO. Just need to know, if we do so, would we need to re deploy agents to all machines again? We are aware that we would need to back up the policies and will lose all data but thats fine. We are running ePO 4.5 and SQL2005.



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          Hi Jankan,


          I've moved your post to our ePO area. Hopefully someone with product expertise can help you soon.

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            That's a pretty drastic step - is it really necessary? If the db is full of stuff that you want to get rid of it may be easier to remove it via SQL...

            If you really want to proceed, then to create a new db means a complete uninstall and reinstall of ePO. Have a look at KB 66616 - it describes what you're after, although it's intended for a disaster scenario


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              The issue we are having is that we were trying to install risk analyser but we upgraded our SQL 2000 database to SQL 2005. We picked up some issues where we have the risk analyser not working on mixed mode but needs the database to be in native mode. We did try change it but could still not get it to work. We were informed that you need to install the SQL database as native mode but obviously that would mean needing to scrap the database and start from scratch.

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                Fair enough

                In that case you're definitely looking at a reinstall - either using the KB I mentioned, or simply doing a clean install and redeploying the agents to all the clients.


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