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    Javascript error with Windows 7 when trying to download AntiVirus Plus 2010

      So I got a free subscription card for McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010 and decided to put it on my laptop that runs with Windows 7 32-bit. Well, when I initially tried to download it came up with the message "Download cannot continue...." or something similar to that. The basic gist of it was telling me that javascript wasn't functioning properly on my PC. I immediately scoped around online and updated my Java, and any updates Windows had.


      The most prevalent solution I found from a number of sites including the official McAfee tech center was:


      1) Run command prompt as an Administrator
      2) Executing the command "regsvr32 jscript.dll" (It successfully executed)
      3) Executing the command "regsve32 vbscript.dll (This also was succesful)
      4) Reboot
      5) Attempting the download again.

      Unfortunately, even this above method did not work as I am still getting the same javascript error when I try to access the McAfee Download Manager. I've tried using Chrome, Internet Explore 8, and Mozilla Firefox as different browsers, each of them with javascript enabled, and the same error still persists. Even when I saved the dmsetup.exe file on my desktop and tried to execute it as an Administrator, the same happens.

      Also, whenever the error box shows up, it prompts me to go to this link: http://us.mcafee.com/root/campaign.asp?cid=43582

      The instructions on here are basically the same as those above. However, it also suggested I try uninstalling any previous McAfee programs using the special removal tool on the site. Well, I've never had any McAfee products of any kind on this computer before, however, I downloaded the tool and ran it anyway. The tool itself resulted in a "Cleanup Successful!" method as the FAQ said. I once more rebooted my computer and tried to the download again. Same result as before.

      This is really driving me up a wall that I'm unable to download this and get coverage on my laptop... Also attached is the exact error message. Any help would be much appreciated!