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    Typing backwards on PC laptop

      I have a PC laptop with Vista and DSL and internet explorer and Windows mail. At various times, usually after I have gone to a random internet site, when I start to enter characters in a new email message or when I enter data in a google line, the cursor moves to the left after I type a character so it looks like I am typing backwards. So, for example, it I type do, I key in d, then o, it moves the d over to the right and inserts the o on the left so it comes out od. Another part of the problem is that if I then go to my desktop, if I click on an icon on the right part of the line, it flashes, and links to the icon on the left side of the line (sort of the same problem of moving the cursor to the left). If I then try and logoff by clicking on start, and moving over to logoff, it flashes and moves through the options and won't let me click on any of them. So I hit alt, ctl, delete and then it turns the screen sideways. I then can, with difficulty logoff. When I log back on, the screen is sideways so I hit alt ctl and arrow up, and it turns my screen upright again and the keying problem has been fixed for awhile. I do not have a language option of arabic or anything else but English, and it does not happen all the time (just randomly starts to type backwards).

      Has anyone heard of this virus?  I don't think it is a hardware malfuntion.

      I have McAfee virus scan and it finds nothing wrong. McAfee chat says they haven't heard of this problem.