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    I am having trouble upgrading to ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0

      A server has been running Protection Pilot 1.5.0 for ages. Last week, I was given the task to install the current ePolicy Orchestrator. After reading the manual, and seeing that there was no upgrade path to 4.5.0 from Protection Pilot, I opted for a 2 stage upgrade.


      I first of all upgraded to ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.1 - that went through without any hitches.


      Now however, I cannot seem to upgrade to 4.5.0. Initially, the problem was that I needed a newer version of SQL/MSDE than was already installed, so I installed SQL Server 2008 Express. The 4.5.0 installer now sees that all required components are installed.


      However, the installer seems to be trying to upgrade the old Protection Pilot database, and I get the following error, which I am hoping someone can help me get past?


      SERVERNAME\PROTECTIONPILOT (is the shown in the"Database Server" dropdown - but the dropdown is greyed out and nothing can be selected)


      The database instance you specified does not meet the minimum requirements.


      The minimum requirements are as follows:

      -MSDE 2005 or later

      -SQL Server 2005 Standard or Enterprise or later