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    SQL Server VSE Remote Install Problem



      I recently deployed the 4.0 agent and 8.7 VSE components to a number of database servers.  At some point during the install, something with McAfee conflicted with the database connections on that server and communication stopped.  I found the only way to restore communication was to restart the MSSQL service.  Has anyone seen this before and do you know what could have caused the conflict?  I was under the impression that the agent/VSE deployments could be completed without any impact to processing and with no reboot required.  Thanks in advance for the information!

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          I'm not aware of any issues of this nature.

          Indeed, installations of the Agent and VirusScan are expected to be without issue and without need for reboot.


          The identified workaround of restarting the MSSQL service does not give me clues into what may have occurred to cause the disruption, unfortunately.

          The only lead that sensibly comes to mind is in having the Buffer Overflow feature enabled. This monitors the SQL service's activity - and Microsoft are very adamant about how particular their SQL service is. They don't want anybody poking their nose into its business, and that's precisely what our BOP does


          If the behavior is reproducible you'd want to engage our Support team to help work through some troubleshooting.