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    How to manually scan completed downloads in Mozilla with Macafee total protection.

      Hello, I discovered you can use Mozilla Firefox to manually scan a completed download.  Unfortunatally I have no idea where the location of the anti virus program is in Macafee Total Protection (exe?).  And also after that step if anyone knows the Arguments I need to have for it to work right.  Right now I have tried these settings:


      Anti Virus Program Location is:


      C:\Program Files\McAfee\MQC\QcConsol.exe


      and for the Arguments I have this:


      %1 /autoscan /nosplash /autoexit /prompt /noestimate /allole /applynvp /archive /priority 1


      I usually see a red target in my task pannel when macafee is scanning my system, but when I use these settings it seems like it is not working.

      Oh and by the way I found these paths from another website.  It was not total protection they were giving the settings for but for a corporate version I think.  If anyone knows the official anti virus location and arguments for macafee total protection I would buy you a beer .